Feeding Tampa Bay – Monday, April 17th



Volunteer Opportunity

When:   Monday, April 17, 2017
Time:     4:00 – 6:00 pm
Where:  Tampa Distribution Center – 4702  Transport Drive, Building # 6, Tampa, FL, 33605
St. Andrew Volunteers:  Contact email hidden; JavaScript is required>">Lisa Tesh for additional information.  If you have a St. Andrew t-shirt, please consider wearing it for this event, but it’s not necessary. Please remember you MUST WEAR CLOSED TOE SHOES.


LIABILITY WAIVER     Each volunteer MUST complete the attached LIABILITY WAIVER in order to volunteer at Feeding Tampa Bay. Parents of youth under 18 years old must complete one waiver on behalf of their participating youth. Please PRINT and turn in these COMPLETED waivers with you to expedite the sign in process.

PARKING    Parking spaces are conveniently located on both sides of the central parking row outside of the FTB building. Please park on Feeding Tampa Bay’s side of the parking lot—if you park across our lot, your vehicle may be towed. Please DO NOT park in areas marked with traffic cones or in the handicap spaces directly in front of our building unless you have a handicap permit.

CHECK-IN:  Tampa Distribution Center – 4702 Transport Drive, Building # 6, Tampa, FL, 33605 Feeding Tampa Bay Directions


See attached Driving Directions for assistance. Please prepare for traffic & train delays.

  1. There are two entrances to our facility. Please enter the RIGHT side door of our facility (with steps and branded with Feeding Tampa Bay logo, not the ramp).
  2. Make a right once inside the front door. The Volunteer Sign-In Station will be around the corner on the left.
  3. Please fill out the Volunteer Sign In Sheet completely.
  4. Please fill out a name tag.
  5. Please turn in your completed liability waiver in the “completed liability waiver” folder. Download the waiver here Feeding Tampa Bay Liability Waiver.
  6. Please head straight back to our Community Room next to the Winn Dixie Charity Market near the back of our warehouse to wait for orientation from Feeding Tampa Bay Staff at the volunteer start time. Feeding Tampa Bay Mosaic Volunteer Center Sorting Guidelines

**If you arrive early, please follow the steps above and wait in the Community Room for orientation. If you arrive late, please follow the steps above and proceed to the Mosaic Volunteer Center.**

DRESS CODE – ALL volunteers MUST wear closed-toe shoes (i.e. sneakers) for warehouse safety. Volunteers wearing open-toe shoes will not be allowed to volunteer. Recommended attire includes shirts with sleeves (no tank-tops), and jeans or shorts of appropriate length. **PLEASE NOTE: Wearing shorts of appropriate length – should not be shorter than tips of fingers with arms hanging naturally by side – is a SAFETY issue for us and so is strictly enforced.** Our warehouse does have fans, however it is very warm and volunteers can expect to sweat.

QUALIFICATIONS  Volunteers may be asked to lift up to 40 pounds. Volunteer opportunities can be physically demanding, so individuals should be able to stand, lift, pull, push, and bend. They can expect to inspect, sort and package food and non-food items, along with assisting with various projects that may arise. In the event that a volunteer is unable to lift certain weights or needs to participate in a different activity, please contact Megan Carlson in advance to ensure alternate projects are available.

MINIMUM AGE  Volunteers must be at least 5 years old, and are only permitted to volunteer with a parent or guardian actively participating through age 16. All volunteers 16 years and older can participate without the supervision of a parent/guardian. If you are under 18, a parent or guardian must sign your Volunteer Waiver. School/youth groups require 1 adult for every 5 youth.

FOOD & DRINK  Tampa Bay provides all volunteers bottled water and offer snack and drink vending machines on site for purchase inside the Community Room. If group leaders would like to bring additional snacks/drinks, please contact Megan in advance to ensure we have enough cooler space.

SAFETY  Volunteers must keep all food and drink inside the Community Room. Volunteers may not chew gum while participating in activities within the warehouse. Volunteers MUST wear closed-toe shoes. Volunteers CANNOT run or get on warehouse equipment. Feeding Tampa Bay has first aid kits on site and must report all injuries to FTB Staff.

For any questions, please contact Volunteer Services Manager, Megan Carlson at 813-262-2158 or email hidden; JavaScript is required

Thank you for being a #HungerHero!


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