Sunday School, 9:30am

Adult Sunday School Adult Sunday School begins again on January 7 at 9:30 a.m. Tim Reinhold brought back a resource from Massanutten Presbyterian Church, a sermon series based on Douglas John Hall’s book, “What Christianity Is Not: an Exercise in ‘Negative’ Theology.” Tim’s mother, Peggy, is a member of Massanutten PC, and her pastor, John Leggett, is a friend of mine from seminary. Presbyterian world is a small world. I’ve talked with John, as I’d like to use this series for Sunday school discussion. He has given me permission to copy his resource for you. It will be available in the Sanctuary as of Sunday, December 31, on the table with the Prayer Tree. It consists of a Scripture and a sermon based on concepts in Dr. Hall’s book (all of which I am working through now).

Here are the topics: Christianity is Not a Culture-Religion Christianity is Not a People “of the Book” Christianity is Not Doctrine Christianity is Not a System of Morality Christianity is Not the Church Christianity is Not “the Truth” Provocative? Sure. Let’s talk. Laurie