Mission work in Haiti

Members of St. Andrew Presbyterian Church regularly participate in mission trips to Ganthier, Haiti, in support of the work being done there by the Foundation for Peace (FFP) and in association with the Presbyterian Church of Chatham Township, New Jersey.

Trip overview

While in Haiti, our group participates in ongoing construction of the Men Nan Men vocational school.
It’s not all about the concrete though: we also teach English, worship with Haitians in their community, visit a local orphanage, conduct a Vacation Bible School, and distribute hygiene kits and water, possibly along the border where displaced Haitians are living in refugee-like conditions.

Men-Nan-Men Professional School 2012
Work crew at the Men-Nan-Men Professional School in Haiti
Sifting white sand needed for mixing moche used for the wall
Men-Nan-Men Professional School 2016
Men-Nan-Men English Class
Primary School at Fon Baya
Water treatment plant at the Men-Nan-Men Professional School
The Depot, where a top floor is planned for Chemistry & Biology classes
Clothing donated by SAPC Sew-in-Faith Group
Supplies distribution at the Orphanage
Knitting at the CAD Orphanage
Distributing Hygiene Kits
Saying Goodbye until next time

Mission Stories

Hank Belusa: “While we were passing out sanitation kits in a community living under the worst conditions I have ever seen, my group had the opportunity to give away a soccer ball to the children. When Tom handed the ball to the little boy, the joy in his face was priceless and unforgettable. The happiness and excitement that one soccer ball brought to the boy is unheard of in our community. He screamed in excitement and started sprinting around the community because of a simple ball. I will never forget that moment.

Working in Haiti was a once in a lifetime experience. Beyond building a retaining wall, I also had the chance to build relationships with some of the most sincere and ambitious people I have ever met. Despite indescribable tragedy, there seems to be obstacles that need to be thought about, but never worried about. Progress does not necessarily come in leaps and bounds, but the distance doesn’t matter. It is simply the act that counts. It’s easy to get to know God better by helping others. So if it’s hard for you to see God at work in your neighborhood, go on a mission trip – no prior experience required; it’s easy, there are people who want our help, and it will do wonders for you!”